CBSE asks schools to work on reducing students' bag burden.

The CBSE has asked schools to consider ways to reduce the burden of heavy bags carried by students.In a notification, the Board has suggested that parents and teachers should ensure that students carry books only according to the time-table.

It also said that schools' heads and teachers should discourage senior students from carrying heavy 'reference' books or other such materials.Schools have also been asked to ensure that the curriculum supports more activity-based, ICT-supported learning for all the main subjects inall classes as far as possible.

Homework is to be 'staggered' to prevent overloadwhile academic co-ordinators or supervisors may monitor this, it said.The Board has also asked to explore the possibility of block scheduling of subject classes in the class time –table.Co-curricular activities should be conducted every day, and scheduled in the time-table accordingly to ensure the balance of bag weight throughout the academic session, CBSE said.

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